Tax Deductions for Self-Education: What You Need to Know


Do you spend money to learn new things and improve your skills? If you do, you might be able to get some of that money back through tax deductions. While tax laws don’t specifically say you can get deductions for learning expenses, some rules help decide if you can or can’t. In this blog, we’ll talk about these rules and what you need to do to get tax deductions for your self-education costs.

Rule 1: Keep Your Skills Sharp

One important rule is that your learning should help you keep your current skills sharp or make them even better. This rule makes sure there’s a good connection between what you’re learning and the job you do. For example, if you’re an architect and you spend money to study architecture, like in the case of FC of T v Finn [1961], where a government architect got deductions for studying architecture overseas, you might be able to claim deductions.

To check if you’re learning follow this rule, compare what you’re learning with what you already know for your job. The closer they are, the better your chances of getting deductions.

Rule 2: Boost Your Current Job’s Income

Another important rule is that your learning should help you make more money in your current job, not a different one. It’s okay to claim deductions even if you haven’t made more money yet because of your learning. But you should have spent the money while you were working, even if you were on a break without pay. The key is that there should be a real chance that your learning will lead to more income or a promotion.

Keep Records and Get Help

To make sure you can claim deductions for your learning expenses, keep good records of all the money you spend on it. Save receipts, bills, and other papers related to your expenses. Having good records will make things easier if you ever need to show proof of your deductions.

If you’re not sure which expenses you can claim or if you’re learning what qualifies for deductions, it’s a good idea to ask tax experts or the people who know the tax rules. They can help you understand what to do.


Learning new things and improving your skills can help you do better at your job and in life. Knowing that you might get some of your learning money back through tax deductions can be a nice bonus. To get those deductions, remember the rules we talked about in this blog and keep good records. And if you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask experts for help. So, keep learning and growing while also making the most of tax benefits for your self-education.