Company Tax Returns
Who Can Lodge Company Tax Returns?
You can either lodge your company tax return directly with the ATO or with a Registered Tax Agent.
When are Company Tax Returns Due?
If you are submitting your company tax return directly to the ATO without any prior year returns overdue, then the due date for all 30 June balancing companies is 28 February or 15 May the following year.

If you have prior year returns overdue, then the due date will be 31 October of the same year.

Lodgements with registered tax agents with good on-time lodgement track records are offered later company tax return lodgement dates than the initial deadline.

Why Have Us Lodge Your Company Tax Return?
In Australia, all companies are required to give information about how much money they made and spent during the year to the government. This is called a “tax return.” It’s important to give the right information and do it on time, otherwise the company might have to pay extra money.To do a tax return, a company needs to first tell the government its name and address by getting an “Australian Business Number” (ABN) and a “tax file number” (TFN). It also needs to keep track of all the money it made and spent throughout the year.

A company can do its tax return on its own or ask someone who knows about taxes, like an accountant, to help. There is also software that can be used to help prepare the return. After the return is done, the government will check it and may ask for more information. They will also let the company know how much money it needs to pay or will get back as refund.

It’s also important to remember that companies also have to pay their taxes on time. If they don’t pay on time, they might have to pay extra money.


What is a company tax return?
A company tax return is a form that is used to report a company’s income and claim any tax-related deductions or offsets for a financial year in Australia. It is used to calculate the amount of tax that the company is liable to pay to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

When are company tax returns due?
The due date for lodging company tax returns is generally the 21st of the month following the end of the quarter in which the company’s financial year ends. However, if you are using a tax agent, you may have additional time to lodge your return.

What information do I need to include in my company tax return?
You will need to include information on all income received during the financial year, such as sales and revenue, and any tax-related deductions or offsets, such as operating expenses, depreciation, and employee benefits. You will also need to provide information about capital gains and losses, foreign income, and any other income and deductions relevant to the company.

How do I lodge my company tax return?
You can lodge your company tax return online through the Business Portal on the ATO website, or through a registered tax agent.

Can I get an extension for lodging my company tax return?
You may be able to request an extension for lodging your company tax return if you are experiencing difficulty in meeting the lodgment due date. But you will need to apply for the extension in advance and the ATO will consider your application.

What happens if I don’t lodge my company tax return on time?
If you do not lodge your company tax return on time, you may be subject to penalties and interest charges. Additionally, the ATO may take legal action against you, which can result in fines and even penalties for the company’s directors.

Can I get help with my company tax return?
Yes, you can get help with your company tax return from a registered tax agent or from the ATO. They can assist you with understanding your obligations and ensuring that your company tax return is completed correctly. It is also good to consult with an accountant to ensure that all the financial transactions are recorded and reported correctly in the company tax return.

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