How does an accountant add value to your small business?

The contemporary business environment is increasingly dynamic, with new accounting needs that businesses must contend with for sustainable growth. Failure to keep up with local and international accounting needs poses serious risks like derailed relations with business partners, local, government, and international litigations for compliance-related charges, or loss of vital client accounting information. Therefore, having an accountant adds value to your business in the following ways;

Avoid Accounting Compliance Charges and Penalties

Accountants are well-versed in accounting practices that every business institution should uphold. As such, an accountant can guide your business towards ethical accounting practices to help you avoid compliance charges from applicable laws. Additionally, by helping your business observe accounting ethics, an accountant will enable you to avoid any associated accounting penalties, thereby minimizing your business expenses.

Minimizing your Tax Liabilities

Accountants know prevailing taxation conditions and can take advantage of certain opportunities to minimize their tax bills. For instance, an accountant would take advantage of tax exemptions and other short-lived related incentives, thereby reducing your tax liabilities. Furthermore, an accountant will inform you of overpayments that might have resulted from shifts in taxation clauses that you would have otherwise ignored and continued with previous taxation clauses in meeting your tax obligations.

Conceptualize your Financial Structure for Effective Decision-Making

An accountant helps draws a clear financial structure for your business, allowing you to determine how best to fund your business operations. For instance, determining your debt-to-equity ratio and liquidity ratios will provide you with a clear image of what elements of your financial structure you can adjust to realize business objectives without compromising your financial position. Thus, accountants help the continued survivability of your business under myriad business conditions.

Adds Credibility to Your Operations

Having a certified accountant helping with your accounting needs raises the authenticity of your business operations. It puts your clients at ease knowing that any accounting-related information the company uses is factual, up-to-date, and reliable. Furthermore, it boosts your confidence in your operations, knowing that all accounting information gives a true image of the event they represent, and you can make necessary decisions without second-guessing yourself.

Help Increase Profitability

An accountant will help you determine your business expenses and draw a succinct cash flow for your business operations. This information will help you prioritize your expenses and scrap off unnecessary costs while investing more in key expenses to propel your profitability to the next level.

Update your Tax Structure

Your business tax structure evolves with your business growth with smaller businesses and individual tax schemes gradually growing to meet requirements for the corporate tax system. An accountant helps you subscribe to an appropriate tax structure and meet your tax obligations as the business grows without facing litigations, tax penalties, or other crippling taxation compliance penalties.

Make Credible Projection on Business Operations

Making operations projections like demand forecasting and cash flow projections is crucial for small businesses, which must determine their current business position to develop effective strategies to propel them to where they would like to be. Having an accountant is critical towards achieving this goal as they collect and logically present historical business transactions and financial positions to enable your business to develop appropriate strategies for managing risks. Furthermore, these projections help in proactive risk identification and formulation of risk management strategies for seamless business operations.


The current business environment makes accountants indispensable as they add value at every level of business operations facilitating sustainable business growth. Therefore, finding a qualified and competent accountant is imperative to help you realize all the benefits of an accountant in your small business.