Choosing and Managing Your Superannuation


Understanding and effectively managing your superannuation is crucial for securing a comfortable retirement. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of key considerations when choosing a super fund, how to communicate your choice to your employer, eligibility criteria, types of funds available, stapled super funds, nominating beneficiaries, and utilizing ATO online services.


Choosing the right super fund is essential for maximising your retirement savings. Consider factors such as administration fees, insurance, member benefits, performance, and investment options. Explore tools like ASIC’s MoneySmart website and the YourSuper comparison tool for informed decision-making. If you change your mind, learn about transferring or consolidating your super accounts.

How to Tell Your Employer Your Choice

Once you have a super fund, complete the superannuation standard choice form to inform your employer. Understand the eligibility criteria for choosing a fund and know that if you don’t make a choice, your employer may pay into a fund offering a MySuper product. Stapled super funds automatically follow you when changing jobs, simplifying the process.

Who Can Choose a Super Fund?

Explore eligibility criteria for employees and contractors, considering factors like awards, agreements, and defined benefit funds. Self-employed individuals can make personal contributions and benefit from tax deductions and other concessions. Understand the specific rules for federal and state public sector employees.

Types of Funds

Discover the five basic types of funds: Industry funds, Retail funds, Public sector funds, Corporate funds, and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). Each has its unique features and eligibility criteria. Learn about the role of approved deposit funds (ADFs) as rollover vehicles.

Stapled Super Funds

Understand stapled super funds, which automatically link to you when changing jobs. Learn how tiebreaker rules determine the selected fund based on account activity, balances, and creation dates. Protect your privacy by being aware of the information disclosed to employers and the option to nominate a preferred fund.

Nominate Your Super Beneficiary

Ensure your super fund trustee knows where to allocate your funds during your death. Understand the importance of valid death beneficiary nominations, their expiration periods, and the legal implications. Take proactive steps to update or establish your nomination to avoid complications for your loved ones.

How ATO Online Services Can Help You

Explore the benefits of using ATO online services through myGov. Access features such as viewing current super accounts, consolidating multiple accounts, and utilising the YourSuper comparison tool to evaluate MySuper products. Empower yourself with these online tools for effective superannuation management.


Making informed decisions about your super fund is crucial for securing your financial future. By understanding the various options, and eligibility criteria, and utilising online tools, you can navigate the complexities of superannuation with confidence. Take proactive steps to choose a fund that aligns with your goals and ensures a comfortable retirement.